Bored At Work  

Posted by soreal

It is currently 5:25am and I’m currently at work while typing away. It was suppose to be my off today but Diva and I swapped schedules because they are off to Tabuelan for their team building. Ching and MJ already left at 3am so I’m all alone for the remainder of my shift; I go home at 7:30am. Merryl is suppose to come in later at 6am but she called in saying she will be late because electricity is still out in their place (blame it on Bagyong Frank).

My only consolation really is that weekend is known for low call volume so I can pretty much just sit back and write. I don’t have the luxury of going on break to gobble on some lousy food in the pantry. Somebody has to always be auto in and that somebody is me. Am I complaining? No but I hate the fact that I’m left to amuse myself. So there, a screenshot of my work IM plus the date and time. How boring can this get?

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