Do You Know Mr. Vain?  

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How many of you ladies know a man who is far more vain than you? They use concealers and carry face powders, lipgloss, comb, and perfumes in their clutch bags. I’m not talking about gay men who really go to the nines making sure they look their most beautiful. I mean the metrosexual men who are straight men; think David Beckham the Metrosexual God. Yet like gay men, metrosexuals’ aesthetic sense is more intensified than the regular guy.

So what is your say on metrosexuals? I’ll blurt out my thoughts later but for now let’s hear it from other women. Because I’m naturally inquisitive (ehem) I asked a few friends at work during my lunch and this is what I’ve come up.
AISAH: Reports Analyst “I don’t like men who are metrosexuals because I am not use to seeing men more conscious of their physical appearance and hygiene than women. I can associate them to being gays sometimes. I also feel that they are prone to be attracted to men as well because they act like women. Funny, but they actually intimidate me. hehehe..”
MJ: TR “I think its ok as long as the guy sets limitations. Like never retouch in front of me or in public and never force me to become as vain as him”
CINDY: TR Metrosexual men for me would be considered 80% gay and 20% man. Guys being so conscious of looking good and clean all the time is normal. But, bringing a mirror? Using a lip gloss? I don’t think that’s usual. I do know some guys who use lip glosses but only when the weather is too hot or too cold. They don’t necessarily have to bring one with them; they only borrow from one of their girlfriends. Having a metro sexual guy friend is nice. At least they can relate to the girls’ beauty regimen topics, etc. Just like having gay friends, it’s easier to talk to them since they’re more sensitive to women’s thoughts and emotions.

I want my guy like a rough-cut diamond. Someone not full of himself and who can get his hands dirty when the occasion calls for it. I don’t want a guy who looks like he is going to a photo shoot all the time (leave that one to me). There can’t be 2 vain people in a relationship, I can’t stand it. It’s either you’re vain or I am but definitely not both of us.

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haha!naaliw ako sa entry na'to ah..
hmm...ako rin ayaw ko nang syadong vain na guy...baka mainsecure pa ako sa kanya if ever!hehe

great site you have here..

A fag is a fag is a fag.

Don't mind me, I'm dead sure of that. And I leeewrv the design of this page!

@ esularte oo nga kakainsecure tlaga! hihi

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