Be Healthy, Be Very Healthy  

Posted by soreal

People always make a good topic. I like talking about men as much as women. Both creatures are so complex, so different yet so the same in many ways. So the same especially in their basic needs; need for food, shelter and I even hear some people say sex? It is also funny how these two species try to figure out each other. Men want to know what women want while women are trying to figure out what they want and what their men want.

Because we are mature adults we should be able to talk about anything objectively. So let us talk about sexual health, this should be interesting. I pay attention to my sexual health and I’m curios about male sexual health. Why? Because men don’t open up as easily as women do when it comes to what is ailing them down there. Maybe it is the whole guy issue and how it could make them look less of a guy that makes them offish about the topic. But does it really make them less of a man? I don’t think so. I think there is something very brave and noble about having the guts to talk about this issue.

Sexual problems could lead to infertility; this is a concern for both men and women but is male infertility more common than women or is it vice versa? Frankly, I think what is more important is the preventive measures than the statistics. I know for a fact that there are proven ways and approved medication to help us stay sexually healthy and eventually combat infertility on its tracks. Much has been written libido, increase sperm volume, erection problems, pain, stress and so much more. So let us use what’s been written because it is everyone’s responsibility to be healthy in every aspect.

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