Is That My Blouse Your Wearing?  

Posted by soreal

I had a funny time at the office when I showed up wearing the exact same blouse as my friend MJ. It was a stripped brown and beige blouse. The only difference was the stripe direction. My stripes were slanted for the reason that I made one sleeve dangle off my left shoulder and hers were horizontal. People were like, "are you girls gonna dance together?"

Some girls would have freaked out but I just found the incident hilarious. Reminds me of a time when my friends and I would purposely buy identical clothes and wear’em together. I remember doing that stunt with Leah, Jackie and Wena. We would shop together and choose same items in different colors to make the contrast.

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lingaw sis..
inana pud mi sa akong mga frens bah..kay ngano man bitaw mgpalit ug pareho nga design ug style..uniform ang gawas..hahahah..

oi nice layout..dili na tika himoan layout man?