Blog Reconstructed  

Posted by soreal

I suddenly had the urge to tinker with my blog. While looking for a new template, I saw this template I'm using now and fell head over heels right away. I messed up big time when I tried to edit my blog though and I couldn't revert to my old one for whatever reason. All I got was a blank white page. Did that ever happen to any of you? I panicked. I was so frustrated and angry at myself that I cried.

Thank you Windows Live though coz I was chatting with my friend Wena and she helped! She was at least able to get me up one notch with one of those ready-to-use blogger templates. I was still worried though especially when she IM'd she had to leave for work huhuhu I felt lost and helpless. I just sat in front of my PC for awhile, scared of touching anything. I promised I will never ever experiment with my blog but I don't what came over me though coz despite the butterflies in my stomach I still TRIED to continue fixing what I did and I think things are looking up. I just need to recover the deleted widgets and stuff. It's all downhill from here, I hope.

Lesson learned: If it's not broken don't fix it.

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