Little Sister No More  

Posted by soreal

My friendster account is not as updated as it was a few weeks ago because I’m busy with my baby. So now you’re asking. “Who is your baby? Is dada your baby?” No. This is my baby, my blog is my baby but let’s leave that statement as it is because I will not expound on that today.

So anyway, I was just checking out my friends in friendster when I noticed my sister’s profile picture. She is with a guy and the guy is not bad looking at all. I left a photo comment and also texted her. The big sister inquiring about the identity of the cute stranger haha I was half-expecting her answer but still it’s I bit of a shocker because ladies and gents, this little sister happens to be the youngest in the brood and part of me is not ready to let her grow up yet. The guy is her boyfriend

My sis and I are tight because I’m the “cool ate”. Still I couldn’t help but tell her, “The guy looks older like he is in college”. And then my sis replied, “I am in college as well, 2nd year”. It was at that moment when I realized that my baby sister is not a baby anymore. She has become her own woman.

I remember when I was her age, I felt all grown up. I remember how grown ups like my parents think how tender my age was. Now I think I know what they meant. I can’t help but feel my little sister is still a kid. But I know better than to meddle in her life. I know how difficult her age is, I’ve been there and I’m done there. I know how teens hate it when grown ups meddle and control them. So I will give my 2 cents every now and then and trust that at the end of the day, she’s able to make the right choices.

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maganda na un may ari, maganda pa un bagong template tapos maganda pa un post! wow, un lng masasabi ko!

ang swerte ng lil sis u syo!


lol... i feel the same way with my little sis.