A Case of The BF's Parents  

Posted by soreal

Ok so I always have a thing about not wanting to be introduced to my bf's parents. Can you blame me if I hate the feeling of being appraised like jewelry about to be pawned? I mean try it, you have a casual introduction but don't let that fool you; nothing is ever casual. You are always being watched. You want to be as prepared as you can when you meet them.

Make a checklist of the things you need to do. When putting make up on, do it in a well lit room. A dim room is good for a romantic setting but not if your doing your brows. Do you really want you're bf's mom to think, "Her eyebrows are not even, can you believe that? I wonder what else is not even with her" no you don't want that. So you better chew your food well and make sure every morsel that enters your mouth is just the right size. If it's too little they will notice and you're "arte" if it's too big you're "habahab"

Another thing is giving them a dose of their own medicine, appraise them as well. Magnify every wrinkle you see or look at how their lips move when talking. It will surprise you how those little things will make you laugh out loud in bed.

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that is sooo true! kaya ayokong pinakikilala sa parents ng Bf ko e.. lahat mapapansin sau.. as in LAHAT!.. hate the feeling na may tumititig sau (pwera nlng pag BF ko) nkakairita! hehehe...

I'm all for judging them back. >:>