Happy New Year!  

Posted by soreal

Last night I wore a red polka dot blouse and white skirt at work. It was one of those really eye-catching red shades that Jen commented I was exuding happiness hhmmm I guess so. I mean I was nodding, smiling and greeting people, "Hey happy New Year" those who figured the joke out laughed with and those who didn't, well they had the dumb questioning look in their faces hihi

Dots have been associated with money and New Year. Supposedly, people wear polka dot patterns to bring money in for the next year. I'm not superstitious though so I don't really know if this ever worked for anyone. I do however, do my share of jumping around when the clock strikes 12 hihi they say doing so makes a person taller nyahaha and I said I'm not superstitious ^_^

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