I Missed Wave 10's Celebration..Again  

Posted by soreal

Today is our wave's 2nd anniversary but I didn't make it to the celebration just like last year. Ask me why people. Well dada won't give me my phone and he knows very well I can't leave the house without my phone. I'm so angry I can kill someone right now. So instead of committing murder, I thought why not blog about it and this time around I won't let him stop me from doing so. I have wanted to blog about the several times we fought but he just stops me everytime. I don't know if it embarrasses him of what not. So anyway, he is packing his things as I type.

(after what seemed like an eternity of yelling, bitching and cussing)

Well we ended up bingeing at Larsian. Two angry people eating like there’s no tomorrow.

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oh well, what to do?hehehehe.better to blog than to commit murder!!!!hehehehe!!!!anyway,thanks for dropping by.much appreciated!see u around!