Princess of the Stars  

Posted by soreal

Remember I said I don’t read, listen or watch the news because I find the content depressing? Well just out of nothing better to do, I did and I’m now feeling depressed and even guilty. I read about the havoc caused by Typhoon Fengshen (Bagyong Frank). I knew that some families lost their homes but I didn’t know till now that so many died. Drowning, bloated, flesh blue or falling off is not a way to die. The rising figures of those who are missing or confirmed dead makes me shudder.
I feel guilty because I have not even whispered a prayer for the victims. While other Filipinos fought to stay alive last Saturday, I shopped in utter gaiety with Wena. I envy those brave souls who risked their lives to try to save others. I wish I could have done something too but I just complained about the weather and the power interruptions, that’s all I did.
So I guess this is my way of informing everyone how selfish I have been and for that I’m sorry. It is time I feel and care and help in making everyone do so as well.
The capsizing of the magnificent Sulpicio ship MV Princess of the Stars is such a horrific tragedy. Who would think that this giant passenger vessel a.k.a the largest inter-island ferry in the country would be reduced to nothing but another one of the mighty ocean's static collection located on its bed.

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i feel your pain, magce-celebrate pa kami bukas ng regada (water festtival/san juan ng cavite), yung source ng pain nila ipagdidiwang namin sigh...

The times are tough all over. Ships sinking in PI and floods in the USA and earth quakes in China. We need to pray and count our blessings every day. Take care God bless