A Toast to Us on Our Anniversary  

Posted by soreal

Today Dada and I celebrate our 1st Anniversary. No it wasn’t always great but it sure was anything but dull. Yes we had our share of close calls, too close for comfort at time. I’m impatient and most of the time I refuse to see things from Dada’s point of view. When I’m wrong I feel the need to still have the last word and that is in every argument. I hate everything that doesn’t fit well into the jigsaw puzzle of my life; it leaves me angry and frustrated. When I feel threatened it also gets me angry and frustrated. So now you see what Dada has to live through everyday?

I love him more and more everyday for never letting me go especially when I’m in the height of my emotions and I end up saying and doing things I never would say or do when my thinking isn’t clouded. I love him for being so patient and understanding with me. I love how he sees me and I wish he could see through my eyes so he will know what a wonderful and beautiful person he is. Dada is not perfect but nobody is. There are times when I wish he would do and say the things that I want like cook up surprises and be more romantic or stop snoring but he is doing well just the way he is. I suppose when you love someone you can’t help but also love the tiny annoying things about them.

Looking forward to another wonderful year!

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Awww...congratulations on your first year anniversary, dear! May you have more and more years together. ;)


happy anniversary!

I want to bookmark the page so I can return here from you that you have done a fantastic job.