Who’s To Blame  

Posted by soreal

This ferry disaster is bringing on too much heat. Current reports say that there are over 700 passengers in total and yet only a frustratingly small number is turning up alive daily. I do hope more survivors will be discovered everyday. I wonder what it was like for those who have fallen victims. I wonder what the last few minutes of their lives were like. I know it must have been painful beyond words.
Almost everyone is busy pinning the blame on someone. What difference will it make to those who are already dead? Sulpicio is blaming the Philippine Coast Guard and vice versa. Well they both should share the blame, they both are accountable. I’m so sick and angry of these two throwing facts at each other for the purpose of saving their own arse!

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Walang ibang dapat sisihin kundi ang kapitan ng barko na nagpumilit umalis.

sino nga ba? nakakalungkot isipin na sa isang maling decision, maraming buhay ang nawala...

hayz, its too late to point fingers on anyone, bcz there were lots of lives lost for no reason... may they all rest in peace...