Sports, So What About It?  

Posted by soreal

While I do find athletic men very attractive and I have had my share of these types of men; I really am not a sporty gal. So when every guy I know including my boyfriend went loco over the NBA finals, I can’t help but shrug my shoulders and get back to doing my nails. Over the years I have mastered the art of “faking”. It is indeed an art and a difficult one to drill, wouldn’t you think so? When dada enthusiastically updated me about the NBA games, I faked listening with gusto while my mind drifted. It’s not cruelty, I was being polite. Most of the time being polite and nice requires a lot of faking.

I can watch basketball or any game and be caught in the moment of excitement. I will even cheer for my favorite players and for those close calls but I can never be religious about it. I love victories and inspirational stories like “Coach Carter” though. So in conclusion, I guess the only time I will really truly embrace sports is when it is shown with a little cinematography and musical scoring.

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