Ever Heard of a Christian Cruise?  

Posted by soreal

We just go a letter from our church pastor who now lives in California. Inside the envelope was a picture of him and his family, they are all in the United States now. It has been almost a year since they were last here and because they live next door to us, we can’t help but miss them. They were the best neighbors ever.

In the letter he talked about how they just got back from a cruise and how now they are entertaining the plan of going on yet another one. They must have really enjoyed their first adventure then. This made me think of the Christian Cruises that I have just happened upon online. If only it is within my means to set them up for a Christian Cruise, I really would. I know they would love the idea of visiting those historical places mentioned in the Bible, having Bible teachings on board while meeting other Christians from all over the world.

I’m not sure how long Christian Cruises have existed but I do know that if I were present when the first cruise ship set sailed, I would have felt this wonderfully warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Ever Heard of a Christian Cruise?

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