So Girl  

Posted by soreal

So it's payday again much to the excitement of me and my friends. Meca, Noella and I are thinking of getting a hair treatment but we can not agree on which treatment to get tsk! tsk! It's moments like this when I just love being a girl. I mean I can spend days trying to decide and everybody thinks it's alright coz I’m a girl (hah). If I decide to change my mind on something at the spur of the moment, I’m excused coz again I’m a girl lolz! So everybody expects us to be fickle-minded but I love the look on people's faces when occasionally I do something very unexpected like come up with a decision right away and stick to it ^_^hmmm, now what to wear?

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this is so true sis..
because you're a girl you're always excuse to change your mind/decision anytime.. hehehehe