My First and Last Tag  

Posted by soreal

Thank you Dez for this cutie blog hihihhi
Participants: 1. Me and Mine 2.Creative In Me 3.Little Peanut 4. Pea in a Pod 5. Sugar Magnolias 6. Supermodel Wannabe 7. FunFierceFabulous 8. A Sweet Taste Of Life 9. My Life in this Wonderful World! 10.So Real 11.ADD YOUR BLOG!
* First real job: Radio Host (DJ)
* First screen name: Rain
* First funeral: Our neighbor's kid
* First pet: Mazda
* First piercing: Ears
* First tattoo: still planning hihi
* First credit card: Citibank
* First kiss: gosh, don't remember!
* First enemy: hmmm parents?? nyahahaha
* Last car ride: saturday
* Last kiss: now hihihi

tagging wena, eds, mars and loraine

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