The American Idol Season 7 Winner  

Posted by soreal

I’m happy with the outcome of American Idol season 7. I really do adore the 25 year old Blue Springs, Missouri native, David Cook; not only for his looks but for his vocal talent and stage presence. Although I must admit, the other David with a much harder last name to remember was also a force to be reckoned with. For a moment I even thought that the 17 year old David Archuleta will win the competition but David Cook won by a whooping 12 million votes lead. Those 2 were my favorites in the competition so I would be happy with one of them winning it. My heart was so torn apart between those 2 David’s.

Having said that and having thought about it, David Cook is a more sensible winner. He is the complete package. Let’s give the Archuleta a few years, but hey Clay Aiken didn’t win the American Idol too but he is making more waves than Ruben Studdard. Go figure that out^_^

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