Me And My Imagination  

Posted by soreal

I want to talk about a rather mature and sensitive topic. We are after all mature adults here right? So how often should couples make love? And while we’re at this, how often is often? What if you’re in the mood and your partner isn’t or vice versa? This predicament is as real as the traffic you’re stuck in when you’re running late, peanut butter sandwich when you want tuna and or course the occasional bad hair day for girls. It is so real that I wish there is a manual that we can just follow and refer to for guidance.

Just imagine what it would be like if guys can say, “Article 28 section 7 of The Couple’s Manual says that anyone will not be denied of their right to some sex action”. Then girls could retort, “Well if you read article 18 section 1 then you’ll know that only happens when there is torrid foreplay involve and section 1-b of the same article states 5 minutes of French-kissing does not qualify as torrid foreplay”. Uhm ok, that was strange and funny. In a system like this though; both parties can unload their frustrations and really complain because there is a clear definition of where, when and how. I’m sure lawyers will have a field day defending sex offenders that varies from people who can’t locate the clitoris to people who fake orgasms.

Ok enough with my active imagination. I’ll let the keyboard rest.

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i would love something like that. pero wouldn't rules take the fun and excitement away from sex? hehe!

yep rules will most definitely make it boring basta 1 rule lang for me sis "bawal mabitin" hihi