Camotes For Team Building  

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Team Pia (our team) will be off to Camotes on the 18th and 19th of this month for our first ever team building. I can't say I'm not excited. I have never been there and I have heard nothing but good reviews about the place. They say it's a beautiful tiny piece of heaven in Cebu. I personally think there are several tiny pieces of heaven scattered everywhere and Cebu fortunately has more than its share. Well I am yet to visit every heavenly place haha I will be posting pics of the outing guys so stay tuned ^_^

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My father is actually from Camotes Island... And I also paid a visit there with some of my relatives.. Well anyway, there are two means on how to proceed to the main island by sea, by "Water Jet" or by "Bangka" powered by motor.. If you're in a hurry, then "Water Jet" can get you there fast.. But if you're into some excitement, then go for bangka (it might be a bit more dangerous though hehe)..

Anyway, all I can say is, Camotes truly have those wonderful beaches... All white sand. But I heard there are lots of changes.. Some sand from different shores are being used for mixing cement (buildings)..

I've been one of the beaches there during noontime, whenever I dip my body in the water, it really feels cold. But when I get to surface, you'd feel tiny particles all around your body.. I realized what they where when I tasted them.. They are actually salt.. hehehe :D Since they are dried quickly under the heat of the sun..

But the most wonderful place I visited in that island is a "cave-like natural pool".. I dunno what's the term in english, but they call it "Guiwanon".. Water's so cold and so deep. Just that, be careful of the rocks.. When I went back home, i've got cuts all over my body.. hehe...

P.S.: I'm sorry for spoiling you... lOllZ... :D:D

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