From Camotes  

Posted by soreal

I just want to inform everyone that I'm back from Camotes and I swear it really is a beautiful place! I will be updating this post for more details as well as the pics but for now, I need to sleep.
As promised I'm back and this time around I have some pics to post. All in all it was not a bad experience but it also wasn't that much fun for me. Maybe because some of the people that I was hoping to be there weren't. It would have been more fun if Jen, MJ and Wena were there.

We stayed in Santiago and this is a view from the restaurant

This is what was used to fuel our diaphragms so we can sing songs like Alone and Total Eclipse of The Heart lolz! Well what can I say this is what happens if u drink Red Horse + EMperador with Extra Joss + Tequilla in one setting, are you okay edcel? These 2 photos are of Mangodlong, it was low tide when we got there and this is a close up the beach bed near the huge rock formation.this other one is of one of the cottages.

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