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A lot of out tenured agents are moving up to TLI or QE positions and some are even opting for lateral transfers. I'm not very close to those who were promoted but I think I may miss some of them. I miss Myka the most because we have actually lived together and I sort of see my little sister in her coz of how tiny she is. All in all the movement where I work could only only mean good thing for everyone.
I love promotions, in fact I can't help but look forward to mine. I have tried applying twice but didn't get the job coz they see me as "not ready". Everytime I see a open that spot that I'm qualified for I get all fired up. But that was then, now i'm taking things slowly which is agonizing at times because i'm not one who enjoys waiting. Patience has never been my virtue and God knows how difficult it is to summon the patience to wait for the right moment.
So what position do I really want? I want to be a trainer (CCT or PST) or work for HR to interview applicants. ^_^

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