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Playing Dress Up

I'm not much into games, let alone those online games that everyone seems to be addicted to. Just yesterday however, I realized there is one online game that I love though and I can just do it the whole day. My guy thinks it’s a lame girlie game because his idea of games is those with tanks and bombs and guns. Well anyway I’m talking about the "Dress Up" game. I just find it so cute and so relaxing, it really works great as a stress buster for me after a long frustrating call. I also call it the happy game because it leaves me with a warm happy feeling after I finished dressing up the character. Dressing up includes the clothes, make up, accessories and I can even choose the skin color hehe I know this game must have existed for awhile but I just recently found out about it. So you’ll have to excuse me^_^

I have included a screenshot above of 1 fairy in 2 dress up set, pretty!

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oi me too - i like online games like that - stress reliever nga yan lalo na if it involves girly stuff. hehehe..