Late Coz Of My Contact Lens  

Posted by soreal

I love big Barbie eyes like the Japanese anime characters I see in television. Because I'm so fixated with Japanese anime eyes I got myself a black barbie lens at Executive Optical about a month ago. I wanted to buy the contacts online but I saw EO has 3 variations so I got the black one. I love it! The bigger and blacker iris adds drama and definition to my eyes everytime. Dada kept teasing me coz I couldn't seem to stop snapping shots of my eyes hihi I use the contacts daily except today.

Today I woke up at 6:05pm and my shift starts at 7pm. I don't live far from work but still I always shower 2 hours before my shift coz I like taking my time especially with putting make up on and choosing what to wear. I was in such a hurry that I just let my body function mechanically without thinking. After showering I rubbed on some lotion, got the lens vial, poured the content in my cupped hand, poured saline solution then applied the lens into my right eye first like I normally do. Notice anything unusual today though? Well anyone who has experience with contact lens knows that hands should be clean and free from anything used in our daily regime such as perfumes, toners, "lotions", etc. The lens didn't even stay 10 seconds in my eye when I felt the piercing pain. I hope you will all understand if I spare you the comedy and agony of what happened next. I thing I’ll tell you though, I was late.

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I truly emphatize with you. I have a spare pair of eyeglasses ready in cases where I'm running late for work. Adto nako office magtaod sa akong lens. Paet!

I don't like wearing contact lens sis.. for me hassle kaayo sya lalo na ko tamad.. hehee..
next time gani mgmata sayo para dili mgdali dali ha..
mwahugs! :]