My Cute Little Nephew  

Posted by soreal

We went to home to Butuan to attend the 1st Birthday of my first ever pamangkin. Meet baby Sander, my oh-so-cute nephew! He smells so nice all the time, even his morning breath has none of the adult stink hehe. I don't know why babies smell so nice all the time but i'm glad they do. He is not fat but he eats everything you put into his mouth and he is heavy. I think the longest time I carried him was only about 10 minutes then I gave him to my father.
I bet if baby Sander can talk and you ask him who his favourite person is then he would answer, "lolo". They both share a really tight bond together. My father is the only person who can ever make him stop crying. Everytime he hears my father's voice, doesn't matter what he is doing (even when he is being nursed), he would perk up and crawl towards the voice. My father even has a silly song for him, a lullabye and it is really silly hihi I bet when Sander grows up he would think it's silly too but right now for him it's medicine.
Sander's Lullabye
Langga ni Lolo, Langga kaayu
Palangga-langga ni Lolo (
repeat 10x)

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Lolos and apo really do have a special bond, pareha sa akong youngest son and his lolo. Inseparable. Hehe! Ka-cute sa lullabye oi. =)