Bad Girl  

Posted by soreal

I'm a very, very bad girl tonight! Well let’s just say I’ve broken several rules in one setting. Aside from the usual non-work related sites that I access while at work (blogger, friendster, istorya), I broke another rule tonight hihi Can you guess? I have a huge container on sinful peanut butter with me and I’m eating the content using a spoon from the pantry which I managed to smuggle inside the production floor. Don’t ask me where I got the peanut butter from. Some people go banana over jam or jelly, well peanut butter has that effect on me. It’s like Smeagol’s relationship with The Ring. I call it my precious then I devour it with lust. I can just eat and eat and eat it till my tummy hurts. Oopps, bathroom break!

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I know where you got the peanut butter, hahaha!

we all have to have our momments. hahhahaha. enjoy.