A Lot About L!  

Posted by soreal

I want to thank Twinkz a.k.a. Tchel for passing on this Lovely tag to me^_^

Name 10 things that start with L.

  1. Lasagna - (sigh) let it rain with Lasagna!
  2. Love - deep down I belive in fairytale love ans storybook romance hihi
  3. Laptop - I'm saving up for a laptop (pink or white) kikay! nyahaha
  4. LipGloss - a must have for me
  5. Lingerie - makes me feel sexy and turns dada on weeeh!
  6. Losing weight - like Twinkz, this is my ultimate goal ggrrrr!!
  7. Lips - I love how soft lips are, so kissylicious and nibblelicious (is their a word?)
  8. Laundry - can anyone please invent clothes that'll clean themselves up..please?
  9. Lights - Can't sleep with the lights on
  10. Liner Pencil - can't go out without putting some on for my browse hihi
This L tag will be shared to dez, faery & jackie^_^

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thanks for doing this tag sis..
oh my! a pink lappy would be so kikay! would love to have a purple one *wink.. hihi

hope we'll reach our ultimate goal.. sigh..