Moving Up So I Can Fly My Kite  

Posted by soreal

I hardly have time to go online after we got back from vacation because dada and I are moving to the 3rd floor where the amazing view is, the sea, the clouds, the buildings, breathtaking. We pretty much got everything up there except for the computer because well you know how it can be (sigh). Dada said he will take care of this on his day off which is on Sunday. Till then I'll have to go down here to blog and do anything online huhu

I love our new room coz I can just go to the rooftop and fly my kite. I don't have a kite just yet but I will buy one soon and I will fly it so high like Amir and Hassan did (for you a thousand times over). I want to make my own kite but I don't have confidence in my kite-making skills. The last time I made a kite was when I was 7 and I remember it limping while flying (poor me).

When I get really good with flying kites, I'll fly it in I.T. Park but I need to ask if it's allowed first.

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