Pain With No Name  

Posted by soreal

For the past 4 days now, I have been plagued with this annoying pain in the lower right part of my tummy. At first I thought I was just constipated so I bought Dulcolax and washed the 4 tablets off in one setting. That eased out my bowel but the pain didn't go away, it was just there silent and hidden but I feel it. If I make sudden movements, take a deep breath, laugh or do anything that would make the muscles of my abdomen constrict, the pain pierces me as if to remind me that it is omnipresent. We went to Biopath to have this checked and the kind doc can't give me any prescriptions until further testing is done. I'm scheduled to have an ultrasound later at 07:30.
I can't say I’m scared, I’m more of excited really. There is this crazy part of me that wishes they find something. Oh well, till them I’m just a slave to this pain with no name.

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hello sis.. musta?
hoist goodluck sa ultrasound..hope not that serious.. :] namiss kita.. konti lang.. hehehehe mwahugs! hope you'll feel better soon

uuuiiiiiii sis muzta na?????