Why I Don't Want To Go  

Posted by soreal

Call me KJ but i'm not looking forward to the account team building on saturday, not even one bit. I know of a million things I would rather be doing on that day like pack up for my long overdue vacation or do some last minute laundry. I don't know if i've informed you guys but we are actually moving to the room on the 3rd floor so dada and I are planning to get most if not all of our stuff moved before next week. That way when we get back from our week long getaway there wouldn't be chores waiting for us. There is so much more important stuff that needs to be done (sigh) as in oh so much. Demanding 100% attendance for the team building is outrageously unfair especially for those who already have other plans. It's bad enough that I have a flex schedule which means that it changes every week so I can't really make long term arrangements ggrrrr! Another thing I don't like is the fact that nothing will happen in El Salvador that will help me become better at what I do, it will just be a bunch of people playing, eating, faking smiles and a whole lot of cheap talk.

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