X-Men 4  

Posted by soreal

All of you movie buffs out there might find this tidbit interesting. An X-Men 4 movie will be released sometime this year if everything goes well with production. Expect to meet more mutant characters this time around along with the old ones of course. In this new installment, Professor X, Jean and Cyclops are all going to be present. Is that really surprising? How many times have a comic book character died only to be resurrected one way or another. X-Men 3 was really great so they better make sure the 4th one can top it.
Here is a teaser I found in youtube. Feel free to watch it ^_^

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Abi nako last na tong "The Last Stand." Yay for more X-Men!

yeey..na atangan jud nako ni sa sinehan..hahaha.. dugay mana matapos ang xmen, dghan kaayo na paatik..gusto nako makita c jean grey na turn into phoenix na jud.. hehehe..