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Thank you Dez for this MEN HUNT TAG- also known as the Men-I-would-like-to-sleep-with-if-only-I-were-single tag.

1.) Bruce Willis- I think this guy is a men's man. Women love him and others guys look up to him as well.

2.) Matt Damon- This guy is handsome! Ilove his delicate masculine features.
3.) DerekRamsey- this guy is sexy and I think he is packing some good stuff, whatelse is there?

4.) Jon Avila- I don't know this guy, I may have seen him but as you can tell he didn't make much of an impression.

5.) Dingdong Dantes- this cutie practically grew up in front of everyone's eyes and I like how he turned out now, talented and dashing.

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i like matt damon and jon avila!!!

added u up na pod... hehehe...

yummy! yummy!

i moved to blogspot, dear. posting my "men" there. =)

sis i tagged u with this one..tapos na u pla, hehehe.. late ko dah! check it in my blog na lang..

matt damon is yummy too! hehehe..