The Sky  

Posted by soreal

Inside the taxi on our way home from Biopath, I was just so tired I had to lie down and rest my head on Dada’s lap. While the taxi was moving I could see how the clear the sky is. I think I’ve never seen the sky so blue and the clouds are amazingly fluffy and white. I was instantly transported into a make believe world where people wear pastel colored dresses and they ride in pastel colored flying unicorns. I know what you’re thinking, “that is so Barbie” and I’m too old for Barbie hihihi ok so enough of that. It’s just difficult to imagine that under the same beautiful sky, people are in so much pain, people are killing each other, crimes are happening and poverty creeps inside every home. What I find wonderful and what I thank God for, could be the reason why others curse their very existence. Oh well let me share with you a panorama of what I saw.

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Yes, under the same sky but life is not the same, hopefully all this can change.
The poor can become rich, once they are rich, they can share.
Have a nice day.

asus sis..if I know..kaya ka lang na transport sa world of make believe at nakakita ng lovely clouds in the sky kasi nakahiga ikaw sa lap ni dada.. lol! :]