Hair, What's the deal?  

Posted by soreal

My mom's hair is really long as well as my sis and that's how my dad wants it. He says that's how every girl should look like. I beg to differ; I think short hair is sexy and powerful. As a matter of fact I think any haircut and length will look good on anyone with a naturally beautiful face. Hair length matters little to me, if a person has a lovely feminine face it will always show even if she shaves her head. Think of Demi Moore or Natalie Portman. I like the bald look, if only I have the perfectly chiseled face or the cheekbones to compliment it (sigh). That doesn’t mean I don't want to grow my hair really long, Lord knows I tried. It just always gets to a point when I can’t stand it anymore. I mean it gets into my food, gets into my face and it just manages to get caught into everything (sigh) so I always end up in a salon somewhere. And finally people, after the long and senseless is my new haircut hahaha

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Who is that gurl??
Ang cute! ang cute ng hair mo!
Bagay! mwahugs! :]