Old Friend and New  

Posted by soreal

Dada and I had dinner last night at Casa Verde with my very dear friend April and her bestfriend Swit. It was sort of my unofficial treat for her 19th birthday. I'm friends with a 19 year old girl imagine that. She's is so much skinnier now and her best kept secret for losing weight is her course (Chemical Engineering). No thank you I would rather sweat it out in the gym. The last time I’m with April was last year and my bf then wasn't dada. I told her last night, "Isn't it strange how the past few years we only get to be together when I’m introducing a new bf?" We both chuckled at the realization. Well I certainly hope dada is the last bf I’m going to introduce her to.

It was her Birthday on the 21st and I owe her a pair of havaianas hehe she will still be here in Cebu when dada and I get back from vacation. I figured it would be better to let her choose which pair she likes so I’ll tag her along to shop for her flops then. Last night I got her a trendy, not-too-girlie bag instead. Oh shoot, I didn't take a picture of the bag so I can post it here.

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