Wena's Back  

Posted by soreal

I really missed my friend Wena, she's been on vacation for 2 weeks and i'm glad shes back. It just wasn't the same opening the locker we both share and not find her bag. I love sharing a locker with her even if it means that it's amazingly cluttered with both ours stuff; I wouldn't want it any other way. She knows how gaga I am over poncho these days so she got me one when she was in Baguio (don't I look like a jungle princess or what lolz). Yeah I keep ranting about how things between us are just very different compared to when we were both single and I keep telling her that i'm always here, that nothing much changed really. (sigh) Who am I kidding? Everything has changed.
Back then, the moment we decide on going to a destination, we go right away without much planning hehe we just go armed with cash and our mischievous buns. Now there is just this complicated process of telling dada where I want to go and then checking if it'll fit both our schedules (bummer). Don't get me wrong, i'm not complaining that I have dada. I mean i'm glad I have him. Most girls live their lives hoping to find some guy as amazing as him only to end up with sadist pigs. I love dada, I do. He disses his friends just so he can always be with me eventhough I tell him it's ok to spend some time with them. Does that mean I have to do that to my friends too?

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love your poncho. i do love poncho too.

I guess wena knows what I like :)

elow po ate mustah ka na po welcome back po sa friend mong si wena... i love your poncho ate ang cute niya ^_~.

ate favor naman po pachange naman po ng url link ko po from cutiestbhabie.blogspot.com to http://sparkle-fairiez.uni.cc po leave some message nalang po sa cbox ko po para alam ko po tnx po take care always po mwaaaaaaaaaah