Weight Battle  

Posted by soreal

I fell asleep while on a call hihihi it's the work out aftermath kicking in while I was still at work. As I type, my body is just aching like crazy and I can barely move a muscle. They say it's just normal during the first few days of going to the gym. Yes that's right, finally after having planned it for so long dada and I are now officially enrolled at Metrosports! Weehhh!
I love the feeling of sweat dripping down my skin. I can actually visualize the fats melting hahaha (hmm as if) but I read somewhere that visualizing really helps in goal setting. So if I am going to get back to my old 113lbs body then I better start seeing myself conquering the weight battle. I AM A WINNER!!!

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How I wish I can go back to my gym era. I had plenty of time when I was a student and I could go to gym anytime I want but now as a staff at inland revenue, I have little time to do gym... or worst don't have time for sport.

I know it's ain't good and I must do at least some cardio to keep myself healthy. How I wish.

I hope you can get the best weight as you wish.

Goodluck to both of you sis. Meron kami gym dito sa apartment building, kaso lang i'm lazy pumunta eh..lalo na pg alone..boring.. but I'm doing some exercises on my own like dancing here at home, so i'm melting my fatty fats na din in a way.. hehehe