Proxy Hunt  

Posted by soreal

When there are no calls and there is just nothing else to do at work, what do we do? Well I personally love to sleep in my station but nope that's not what I meant. Of course I do what every decent agent does, I access non-work related sites. Too bad the IT guys just can't cut us some slack (sigh) so we're always on the prowl for the latest proxy sites to let us do what we need to do online (like writing this post for example). Well I have been using bypasszone but when my collegues from work started using it as well, the IT guys just blocked it. Then there is cw90 which works well I guess but not too well for me (sigh). So anyway, this is my latest proxy hihi (iwastemytime) and so far it's been great. Pictures load just fine and see I can even post an article here. Proxy sites are heaven sent!

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Philippine based proxy so connection is fast. ;)

hey marl, tnx for sharing!