Iron Man  

Posted by soreal

I love it everytime a marvel comicbook superhero comes to life in the big screen. This time it is Iron Man's time to shine. I have only been introduced to his character recently and I can't help but be impressed. With Robert Downy Jr as the man inside the iron suit; I’m sure this is going to be one great movie experience. Of course I will give the movie my final verdict after I’ve watched it. I hope it's not going to be a disappointment. Several movies have really good marketing campaigns but in the end fell short in delivering a big-bang impact. Two examples are Cat Woman and Jumper. Oh well I think Iron Man will be shown the next picture in Ayala and dada and I can't wait!

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hello soreal...

yeah...Jumper was a disappointment but I loved it anyway... coz of Hayden..hehe..

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i think im feeling too much hype from iron man.. been waiting for this since the first DC character movie came out...

will watch it next week.. weeeeee