Typing Tag  

Posted by soreal

Got this tag from wena!

40 words


OMG, this is really embarrassing! I repeated this 5 times and I'm always constant with the 40 words hehe well I don't really care if I don't touch type hmp! I just probably need to accept that like swimming, I'm never gonna learn it.

I just have to pass this on to my blogger friends and hope one of them types slower than me hehe andycharry, chicshopaholic, eric, king, anino, tessa and tambay.


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Mabagal pa ba ang sinasabi ng numerong 40?

Ano pa ang itatawag sa akin?

hello,i type 50 words in a minute.haha thx for tagging me! take a look here http://ericchan1.blogspot.com haha.Take care!

tag you with this one too. here's the link: http://www.kalidadis.com/2008/02/how-fast-can-you-type.html

Ginawa ko ito!

Ang resulta:


Tatlong salita lang naman ang lamang sayo.Mabilis pa din tayo.

hello sis..tagged u with this one kaso tapos mo na pala.. anyway here's the link.. http://keepfondlyinmind.blogspot.com/

paki add na lang pls, new blog ko yan para sa mga tags & awards.. tapok nako diha.. wahaha.. miss na danda!

:-p bleh sis mas mataas score ko sayo.. wehehe.. hoist may award me 4u..

gwa na nga kayo ni dada ng bebe.. para meme na ikaw.. :]mwah!