Home Is Where The Heart Is  

Posted by soreal

Don’t you ever just want to be somewhere else, with someone, and doing whatever instead of where you are now? I don’t want to be working now but I am. I was chatting with wena earlier because we share the same sentiments, she would rather go home she said. I asked her where home is; only to realize it’s very insensitive of me. She said her mom was her home but because her mom passed away last December, she’s practically homeless now. I should be constantly cheering her up not add to her sadness. I wish we could both go back to when it was all about our “laags” together. Like when we went to Kawasan Falls right after my shift and I didn’t bring any clothes with me coz it was not planned. We were so tired that we just slept in the bus on the way home..and oh, coz my undergarments were wet, I went home without wearing any hahaha I miss the good times! So where is home for me? Well, home is where dada is. ^_^

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my home is?hmmm...i dont know, maybe in the place where i felt i belong and im happy...