It's About the Forehead  

Posted by soreal

I just could not help but be amused at Twinkltoe's post and how I can so relate to it. I was called "dangas" when I was a kid and I always get into fights coz other kids rile me so much about it. I hated having a wide forehead that I tried so pathetically to hide it with silly bangs. The problem with the bangs is that when my forehead gets damp, the hair group themselves into sections. So I would have sectioned bangs with awkward spaces in between. I know what your thinking, a complete hair mess hehe oh those were the old days. I could never pull off the "bangs" look so I stopped trying a long time ago. Besides, my forehead looks good on me so I flaunt it. Not everyone with wide foreheads carry it as well as Twinks and I do yet still find humor in it(talk about tooting my own horn hehe) More than once, I've made a room burst into laughter with my "dangas" jokes hehe Oh well, you know what they say about women with wide foreheads...^_-

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I have added you to the Bog Bang Master list. However, I do need to know where you posted the list.

i can relate too... hehe... :) forehead, beybeh!

Ako din,nakataas ang kamay!

Magandang araw!Salamat sa suporta mo sa nakaraang botohan.Bale nominado ulit ako ngayong week.Sana makaboto ka.Punta ka lang sa site ko.Maraming salamat sayo!

you go girl! flaunt it! am so laughing right now.. lol.. you're so kikay!hihi. cheers to being dangas! yeey! oks lang dangas basta gwapa man. *wink mwah!

wew.. i can relate too.. haha.. nakikiride na lang ako kapag ang center of katatawanan ay ang aking noo.. haha.. airport nga kung tawagin eh.. haha..