Times and Dates  

Posted by soreal

Do you sometimes forget what time and day it is? Well I do, and it’s not just sometimes but most of the time. I swear if I don’t have my handy-dandy phone with me to remind me of dates and appointments; I would be so lost in time.

At some government office, a lady asked me what date that day was because she needed it for the form she was filling out. I just stared at her for a minute then said”7th. Trouble was, it was the “8th” and when she submitted the 3 paged document to the attendant, she was asked to do it all over again because the dates were wrong and they wouldn’t accept erasures.

Hey, don’t you guys go thinking it was my fault, I mean I never volunteered the date. Who asked her to ask me what the date was anyway? I wasn’t the only one there. Besides, anyone filling out important, government needed documents should’ve already secured all the needed information including dates before even getting their pen out. Oh well, I did say a quick sorry although it was deliberately her fault. Hmp!

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