Tis The Day Before The Big Day  

Posted by soreal

So where do I start? Well 1st of all I want to say I deserve to be punished for being lazy the past few days. I think my body is just trying to catch up to all the sleepless nights. Once I hit the sack there is no waking me up till 7 in the PM coz I gotta work at 9pm. Sometimes I even make up excuses to miss work hehe (ooPss..sorry boss) Anyway, it seems like only yesterday when I wrote the post about "Cooking Up A Surprise" and already the event is tomorrow! Everything is just perfect, the way I see it work out in my mind, but..I really have not gotten what I would need yet. Been so engrossed playing it over and over in my head that I totally neglected the fact that there's a lot of work involve for the whole play to be a success. I don't even have the essentials just yet. But hey, no need to fret now coz I'm always good with 11th hour stuff hehe So what I'm doing today is go out with my friend wena to get everything taken care of. Have to do all that this morning because dada will be home at 2pm (tick-tock)..wish me luck people!

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