The Late Parcel  

Posted by soreal

It's a Saturday and my last day of work for the week. So anyway, I finally got the slimming pills I ordered online hehe desperate I know but these are desperate times. I still am a hottie though I've packed a few pounds (ehem) It's just that I can't help but miss the skinnier version of moi. I miss buying clothes off the rack without trying it on first coz I know It'll fit just right. There are times when it's all good but there are also times when I feel terrible. That is why I ordered the slimming pills. The purchase happened on the last week of December (07) but I only got the nofication from the postal office last week (crappie I know) It was only suppose to take 15 days tops since I payed extra for priority. I emailed the merchant when I didn't receive it on the 16th day and I got a reply that it was sent and should have been delivered to me already. The merchant suggested that I check the postal office here but heck, I didn't bother. Will keep you you guys posted and if it works then I'll let you in on it! Cheers!

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Looking at that picture above,you don't seem to be chubby or anything.Hey,thanks a lot for voting for me!You made me the TOP 2!
Thanks a lot for your support!Keep on supporting me sa 2nd week!@

Beware of those diet pills!Make sure they don;t have side effects!natural is always better!

hehe tnx po! kaya nga I'm flaunting my face kc nmn di na ka flaunt2x ang aking bod nyahaha

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