Learning to be Thankful  

Posted by soreal

Life isn't perfect; I know mine isn't. There are times though that I'm captured in a moment so delightful and it is in those fleeting moments that I feel perfection around me..if only it could last. I realized though that everyone is going through something and there are people fighting an even more difficult battle. Think of the people in Africa and how every minute must be excruciating for them. What can I say, deep down I'm really just a brat but I'm thankful that dada is helping me grow up. So instead of complaining, I'm learning to be thankful!

When I want to shower and there's no water (think of the people in Africa)
When having a bad hair day (think of the people in Africa)
When I find cat crap outside the doorstep (think of the people in Africa)
When I get an irate customer on the phone (think of the people in Africa)
When anything goes wrong that drives me up the wall (think of the people in Africa)

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Thanks sis for this one.
When there's no internet, i'll think of the people or Africa.
Reklamador pa naman ako! ingat!

amen to that sis! utro pud ko makareklamo basta walay internet hehe

i see you've got your own special way of "Learning to be Thankful". i never knew thinking 'bout the people in Africa fixes your bad day.. (^^,) i do believe it's best to live with what you have and some things with what you needed to gain.. rather than think about the missing pieces, why not do something optimistic that would most likely fill in your needs..

I believe so, if the people in Africa just thought of a better way to improve their lifestyle, they could have not gone into poverty.. in fact, i am one of those who hate people who are just pleading for alms.. to remind everyone, sloth is among the Seven Deadly Sins.. i do believe, that the cause of poverty is what we term as "katamaran"..

yes, progress begins with unity.. most especially, unity among nations.. it is indeed a fact that some countries could have helped Africa in their current state.. but if these countries knew that they'd just waste their time and effort of helping this poor nation for the reason that it's filled with uninspired labor force, then they'd rather not continue.. eveything will be pointless.. just like the saying, "when you pray for success, it doesn't mean you no longer need to work for it. combine prayers with hard work, and you'll definitely be granted with great rewards."