Love Coupons  

Posted by soreal

Have you ever tried giving your guy or your girl coupons? I’m not talking about discount coupons but love coupons. You can let your imagination just run wild with whatever you want to write. From “30 minute kiss” to “video rental of your choice”. This is just one of the many ways to keep a relationship exciting no matter how long couple’s have been together. I agree with Will Smith when he said that, “go fly a kite together or dance barefoot in the rain together”. Couples have to agree on keeping things interesting because relationships can get old and boring if you allow it. I made some love coupons and gave them to dada. At first he was perplexed as to what those were for. When I explained how it works he flipped! Well if you receive coupons that will practically let you do whatever you want at any given moment, would you not flip as well? hehe Now I can’t help but wonder what coupon his going to use next time. ^_^

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