Not So Happy Valentines  

Posted by soreal

So you all must be waiting for me to spill the beans now. Last valentines, I wanted to do a striptease for dada uh-hu wicked I know. Got everything ready, the kinky outfit, the music, even got the moves ready. But it didn’t happen at all. Well let’s just say that valentines this year was not what I have hoped for. I have been waiting for that moment since after Christmas and well I guess it’s because I got my hopes so high up (sigh). The surprise worked out perfectly in my head but not in real life. Sad, it got me really upset. That’s why it took too long to write about it. I didn’t want to write while I’m all furious, so I waited till I’ve at least simmered down. I was asleep wearing my pink pajama when he came. He’s in the habit of checking my phone and when he did he also saw the snapshots of the kinky outfit that I did earlier in the day (evil eye). Urgh! What a bummer, I don’t want to do it anymore knowing that he knows what’s coming. So yeah for the record, it turned out bad, poor me! I hope your valentines went better than mine^_-

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Ayos lang naman!Iba ang litrato sa tunay!!!

dang! excited pa naman me to hear d buzz! valentine's day was good.. :)

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