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A friend asked, "So A, why do you use Soreal in you blog?" Figured that since I kept being asked and I really hate giving the same answer over and over again; it would be brilliant to just write about it.
Of course as most of you have already cracked, it's not my real name, it's not even my nick. This blog is me, though it reveals but a tiny part of the whole complex me, it’s all as real as it gets. Another reason is that Soreal is an anagram of my name; Alrose. Yes, it is a combination of my parents’ names and judging from experience this is where you try to guess what their names are hehe My friends call me A, R, A.R, Al. Some call me Rose but I don’t like it coz ever since the Titanic movie, I have gotten a lot of. “Where’s Jack?” (as if) There is also another name that my aunts still so fondly call me even though I have made it clear to them that it embarrasses me; they call me “Baleleng”. We all have silly pet names that family members use but it should only be within the family, right? Hahai, I have several Baleleng moments in public that I don’t want repeated, thank you.

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hello Ma! ayy..sorry Rose pala..ayy sorry sis Rose din kasi c mama ko eh.. lol! Baleleng ha.. me too they used to call me (still) Dading, my grandma's name coz i look like her.. waaaaaahhhh!! dang!

ganun bah? ahihi i'm d splitting image of my dad kaya dpt daw JR ako hehe