Perfect Post-Valentines...  

Posted by soreal

Since I already got that Valentine nightmare out of my system, I want to tell you about the best post-valentine's date. Dada surprised me when he got home with a bouquet of the loveliest pink roses I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Earlier in the day we had another argument coz I asked my best guy buddy Mik out for breakfast and well maybe for a little beer (yuck) coz I was depressed; when all the while he thought we will be spending post valentine together. Well I only wanted a guy’s unbiased opinion about what happened the day before, besides it wasn’t going to interfere with whatever he got planned since he wouldn’t be home till late in the afternoon. I was tired, I didn’t want to cause anymore agitation so I gave Mik a rain check on the breakfast.
This is where we can fast-forward to when I got the lovely, pink roses hehe Let me tell you guys a secret, I’m such a sucker for flowers and chocolates and every itsy, bitsy display of affection. I didn’t go all gaga when I got the flowers though; I acted cool haha but kinikilig ako inside. Dada was very charming the whole time (he always is), especially when we got to Casa Verde for dinner. The food was great, the ambiance was amazing but not the place for a lap dance hehe Hmmm that moment was perfect and I was reminded of why I love the guy I was having dinner with. So what if Valentines didn’t turn out the way I planned it? We always paint the town red whenever we’re together and any day is as good as any for a little private striptease ^_^

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korek sis! there's always time for striptease and lap dance naman eh... *wink* glad to hear you had a romantic valentine's day.

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