245 Reasons Why I Love Dada  

Posted by soreal

I swear writing this is not as simple as I thought when I started it but dada is worth it.

1) how you make kulit
2) how you hug me
3) your sweet like chocolates
4) my hands perfectly fit yours
5) can't get enough of your kiss
6) how you take care of me
7) the way you look at me
8) your eyes
9) your tummy
10) you stay at the danger side when we are walking side by side
11) piggy-back riding
12) you let me lay my head on your shoulder
13) you stroke my hair
14) How you love me
15) You tell me you love
16) You smell cute
17) You hug me when I cry
18) You kiss my tears
19) You wash the dishes
20) You got a big heart
21) You got a big appetite
22) You don't smoke
23) You don't drink
24) Your faithful
25) We have so much fun together
26) You make me laugh
27) You laugh with me
28) Your silly dancing
29) Your voice
30) Your lips
31) How you call me mama
32) How you call me baby
33) You call me langga
34) You are always with me
35) You believe in me
36) You carry my bag
37) You make "lambing" especially when I'm mad
38) How you moan when we make love
39) How you touch me
40) How you make love to me
41) How you make love to me again
42) How you don't complain about the amount of time it takes for me to decide on what to buy when shopping
43) How you apologize and say it's your fault even if it's not just so to end the fight
44) How you always wake up in the middle of the night because I'm sacred
45) How you ask my opinion before buying your stuff
46) How you chose to stay with me
47) How you are honest
48) How you value your family
49) How you make me dream of us every night
50) How you play with my tongue when we kiss
51) How you close your eyes when we kiss
52) How you whisper "I LOVE U"
53) How you included me in your future
54) How we make up baby names
55) How you work hard
56) Your smart
57) How im proud of your achievements
58) Your motivation to work
59) How you always give me water when I'm thirsty
60) How you take the trash out
61) You love taking pictures of me
62) You kiss me early in the morning
63) You let me eat what I want
64) How you nurse me when I'm yayay
65) I never feel alone with you
66) I feel strong with you
67) When we hug, it makes everything alright
68) I feel safe with you
69) How you care for everyone I care
70) You make me feel beautiful
71) Your strong arms
72) How you value me
73) I don't have to pretend with you
74) You make me see the positive side of things
75) You know when I'm galit na
76) You always try to please me
77) How you have sacrificed a lot for this relationship
78) How you believe in this relationship
79) How you make me soar
80) You are always willing to try new things
81) How the thought of you gives me a happy & wonderful feeling
82) How you've never given up on me
83) How your love makes me believe that we have good things ahead
84) How I can talk to you about anything
85) How I can see your heart when I look into your eyes
86) Your love is a natural anti depressant
87) How your love helped me rediscover myself
88) I love waking up with you by my side
89) The way you try to patch things up after a fight
90) Your small gestures that speak volumes about how much you care
91) How you make sure nothing will harm me
92) How you always watch out for me
93) How you play with my hair
94) When you buy me presents out of the blue
95) How you gawk at me after I dress up
96) The smile you give me after I tease you with kisses
97) How you say the cutest things over and over again
98) How you're not embarrassed to do or say anything with me
99) The look on your face when you're jealous
100) how you think it's cute when I go all baby and childish
101) how you forgive me when I do you wrong
102) how you play my silly games
103) how you listen to me talk and talk and talk
104) how you put ME first before your friends
105) how you hardly get angry with me
106) how we don't care about anything else when we're together
107) how you would do anything I say
108) how you would give me everything I want
109) how you diss gimmicks just to be with me
110) you always make time for me
111) your kindness
112) you optimism
113) your confidence
114) how you're gentle with me
115) how you cry when we have a big fight
116) how you get your head shaved coz I think the bald look is hot
117) how you grow a goatee coz I think it's sexy
118) your electronic and technology savvy
119) how you take care of all my software installation issues
120) how you always let me have all the pillows I want
121) how you give up some of the things you like for me
122) how we both love shoes
123) how you took a chance on me
124) you opened up your heart and life for me
125) how you make me want stay home and just cuddle
126) you open doors for me
127) how you carry the grocery bags for me
128) how I know you will be successful someday coz you deserve it
129) how we say the same thing at the same time
130) you’re cute and adorable
131) how we both love FHM
132) your dreams for our future
133) how you've fully accepted my past
134) how you love babies
135) how you love getting a dog for a pet
136) how you inspired me to make this list
137) you are my best friend
138) you are patient with me
139) you are the person I want to see before closing my eyes to sleep
140) you are the person I want to see when I wake up
141) the feel of your arms when I wrap it with mine
142) how you always reassure me
143) how you can talk without saying a word
144) how you always want to know what I think
145) how you're a big kid like me
146) how we can talk endlessly about nothing
147) how we have fun doing nothing
148) how silly you look when you can't remember where your key is
149) how you always text me just because
150) how I miss you when you leave for work
151) how I miss you when I leave for work
152) how I miss you everytime, all the time
153) how you know where to tickle me
154) your corny jokes that make me laugh anyway
155) how I can picture us growing old together
156) the way you make me call you dada
157) how you make me "kilig"
158) how we share secret jokes in public
159) how you can calm me down
160) how you sing in the shower
161) I love our intimate moments
162) the way you wake me up
163) how you seem so immune to my mood swings
164) how you make everything seem so easy
165) your values
166) how you taught me not to be selfish
167) how you always consult me before making a decision
168) how you respect me
169) how you make me want to start a family with you
170) how you want to marry me and start a family with me
171) how you always find me sexy despite the fat days
172) how I'm always beautiful in your eyes
173) the way you look when you're amused
174) how you baby me
175) how you whimper and cover your face with pillows everytime you're still sleepy and I wake you up
176) how you always wake up in the middle of the night because I need something
177) you stroke my hair and whisper I Love you when you think I'm asleep
178) your snore that was annoying at first but it tells me that dada is just sleeping and he will wake up when I need him
179) the way you look when you sleep
180) how you take pictures of me when I'm asleep
181) how you always want to be with me
182) how you rescued me from myself
183) how you tell everyone that I'm your baby
184) how you playfully pull away the towel I've got wrapped around me after I shower
185) how you do the silly naked dance hehe
186) how you get playful and naughty
187) how well you handle my tantrums
188) how you hug me with people around
189) how you always give me a goodbye kiss wherever
190) how you always ask me out for movies
191) how you love my kikayness
192) you make me sing love songs
193) you always ask "how's work or how's your day"
194) you know when I'm not ok though I don't say it
195) you spoil me whenever you can
196) you're oh so cuddlesome
197) I love how you playfully pull away when I try to plant a hickey on your neck but lets me plant it anywhere else on your body
198) how you talk to me about stuff that I don't know then you stop and kiss me coz you know I'm so lost
199) how you playfully nibble my lips when we kiss
200) how you pretend you're mad at me so I'll coax you
201) how well you sing and play the guitar
202) how you're gaga over star wars
203) how you watch horror movies with me though you don't like it
204) how you made me watch the star wars episode till I fell asleep
205) how you massage my back and temple
206) how you let me have the last bite of whatever we're eatin
207) how you playfully scold me when I swear
208) how I put my head on your tummy so I can listen to the odd sound inside
209) how you let me playfully smell your armpit
210) the sound of your heartbeat
211) how you let me sit on your lap
212) how we pretend to fight and call each other names
213) how you like the Happy Feet movie and soundtrack
214) how you keep a surprise for me but I always find out because you can't help but blabber about it hehe
215) how we have early morning jogs then eat siomai after
216) how possessive you get when another guy is hitting on me
217) how you always make my needs a priority
218) you're my pooh bear
219) how you make the hole on your nose bigger and it makes me laugh
220) your silly, adorable look when you want something from me
221) how you always let me play your online games but I don't know how yet you don't give up anyway
222) how you talk to (bear) and pretend
223) how you take me seriously
224) how your eyes burn with desire and passion when we make love
225) how our bodies just fit together
226) your sensuality
227) spending special days with you
228) how we make up after a fight
229) how you always see me off to work
230) how you fetch me from work whenever possible
231) how we're so different yet so similar
232) how you value your friends and mine
233) how you don't let anything or anyone come between us
234) how you understand my responsibilities as a daughter
235) how you make me want to be a better person
236) how you've made my friends like you
237) how you check my phone's inbox from time to time
238) how you kiss my forehead
239) how you like being needed by me
240) how you like us to talk about our relationship
241) how you love to learn about new things
242) how you would literally drop everything off for me in a second
243) how you showed me what a real man is
244) how you believe in God
245) every little detail about you that makes you uniquely the person I love with all my heart.

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